Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday randomness

I have a lot of little things to babble about right now, so this is going to be one of those posts full of random sidebar items.


Have you guys tried LUSH bath bombs? They are amazing. If you ever feel like getting me a present, this one is the best thing ever. (I've actually discovered I like just about anything with bergamot in it. I had a massage recently and they let me pick out an aromatherapy oil, and the first one was lavender and chamomile and it was okay, but the next one was heavenly and it turned out to be the exact same thing plus bergamot).


I've been watching a lot of "The Dog Whisperer" lately. Not sure I've actually learned anything (I think I'm just doing it wrong, more than that I haven't learned it) but I'm feeling much better about how destructive Torg can be. Compared to the dogs on the show, Torg's destruction is NOTHING. He hasn't attacked windowsills, furniture, anything like that, and he's not aggressive, thank goodness. Watching this show is making me realize that we have a very good dog, all in all.


I was talking to some people a couple weeks ago on Twitter about how annoying it is when people bring little kids into the dog park. Kids under 10 aren't allowed in ours, and people frequently bring their toddlers in. There's even a woman who doesn't even have a dog, she just brings her three-year-old up to watch them, but comes inside instead of standing outside the gate. That bugs me.

But on Wednesday, I was that woman. I didn't mean to be, but I was. I didn't think there would be anyone up there at 9 a.m. on a weekday, I was just going to toss a ball for Torg and let Lorelai watch from the stroller. But shortly after we got there, a woman showed up with her two dogs, and it turns out there's a whole group who meets every weekday morning. At first I kept Lorelai in the park in her stroller, but once there got to be too many dogs for me to feel okay about that, I took her out and then I was not the mom with the kid in the park, but I was the woman who let her dog into the park and didn't go inside herself (which is bad, because if there's a problem, I couldn't get to Torg quickly). We'd gone up the the park so he could burn more energy than a regular walk would so he'd be chill when my mom came to babysit, and by the time we hit the "I have to take the baby out of here" part of the park visit, it was too late to be able to switch and do a long walk, but he hadn't really been running enough to have burned off the energy, so I had to stay. I was horribly embarrassed even though everyone was really nice, so I'll be avoiding the dog park in the mornings now.


Speaking of being embarrassed, I got my hair cut on Wednesday (that's why my mom was babysitting). I made her take off five inches, and she told me I wasn't going to like the cut I asked for, but I insisted, so she did it. And then next day I had to call and schedule another appointment because she was right, I hate it and can't deal with it for another two months until my next scheduled cut.

It's not bad, it's just ... blah. I wanted something shorter and faster to dry and style, but I forget that when my hair is this short it's a pain in the ass. Both sides flip to the right, and it takes me as long to get it to do what I want as it took to dry it when it was longer, and by the time I get downstairs it's back to doing whatever it wants. So Tuesday I go back and get more layers put in -- back to the shag I had when I was pregnant, which I loved except it was annoying to pull it back because the short layers were too short and had to be clipped back. But overall it was fast and easy to dry and style, so I won't need to pull it back as often as I have been, so it shouldn't matter much.

So now I am all embarrassed that I have to go back to see her and say, "You were right, I should have listened," and end up spending twice as much for the cut I should have gotten in the first place. But, whatever.


Finally, yesterday on one of our walks we saw a Corgi. Torg wanted to play, and it was clear the Corgi did too but his owner said he gets nervous around big dogs and wouldn't actually come over. Torg is flipping around and jumping and trying to play, and on the other side of the street the Corgi starts humping the air (which is basically the same as humping the ground, because his stubby little legs are so low to the ground). Then, and this is the part where I wish I'd gotten video, he starts spinning around, doing this little humping-the-air butt-scoot in a circle, over and over and over. I've never seen anything like it but it was the funniest thing I think I've ever seen a dog do, and it went on for a good two minutes before his owner said good day and tugged him along toward home.

We also saw a three-month-old Ridgeback puppy who yipped at Torg and was the cutest thing ever. Then we went out and ran around in a field and he came home and passed out cold for the rest of the night.

(I have no good way to end this post.) The end.


Elizabeth A. said...

Dogs are a constant learning process. Even know mine will do stuff I didn't expect.

Your skin looks fabulous.

Bummer on the hair cut. I think it looks pretty, but my hair is a pain when it's shorter, too. I get weird flippy things.

Oh, and I meant to tell you about this. You know I have oily hair. But I coated my whole head in olive oil because I was about to go in and have all the color stripped out of my hair. I was ready to use gobs of shampoo to get it all out, and ended up needing less than I normally do. And my hair felt great. My hair dresser said most peoples hair would have been on the floor from all the chemicals she put on it the other day and mine still feels fine. Olive oil for the win!!

Olive oil for the win.

Erin said...

Thanks! I do like the cut for someone else, it just takes SO long to style for me that it's not an improvement over the long hair. Any time I saved on blow-drying is now spent styling.

And the OCM has really, really improved my skin. I've got a wicked chin pimple visible in the above picture thanks to stupid hormones, but when I'm not all hormonal my skin is pretty awesome these days. The blackheads I used to have all over my nose are gone, my skin tone is more even in general. I'm very happy with it!

And that's incredible that the olive oil saved your hair form the stripping. I don't think I commented on your post the other day but I really like your new color, it's very different but pretty!

theselittlemoments said...

oooh but I like it! It took me about a week to start liking my shorter cut, but now I'm into it. It's definitely easier, that's for sure.