Friday, April 6, 2012

It's been a week.

I have so much respect for anyone with twins, triplets, and the like. Introducing a young dog into our family has basically given me two toddlers, and it. is. exhausting.

Overall, Torg is a really, really good dog. He's settled in amazingly well, and that's part of the problem. He's been SO good that when he is not as good, it's jarring to me. And most of his "not so good" moments aren't even that bad -- he wants to play at 2 a.m.; he takes Lorelai's toys and snacks from her (in his defense, 80% of the time she has offered said toy/snack to him, but there are certain things we don't want him chewing on, like Hippo and Frog); if we leave the closet door ajar he steals our shoes and creates a shoe farm in the middle of the living room (he doesn't chew them, really, he just collects them in a pile). He's got enough energy in the morning that we've been doing our 9:45 walks at 8:15 or so, and it's been taking me twice as long to get out the door because every time I turn my back to put on a sock or brush my teeth, he's grabbed something he shouldn't have and run off with it.

Still. In general, I can't complain. He's acting like a dog. It's just a little surprising for me because most of the time, he just lies on the sofa, or follows me around and headbutts my hand until I pet him. Also, I've only ever had cats, and cats typically do not steal your shoes.


Lorelai is acting like a one-year-old, and I am learning that one-year-olds are really rather obnoxious. She's cutting three molars at once, and I know that's part of it, but damn, she's driving me nuts. She refuses to eat anything that isn't yogurt, cheese, graham cracker, or in a snack trap. I don't really know if I should bother trying to get other stuff into her, or if I should just give up and let her decide when she's ready for something else. (I know I went about 6 months as a toddler where I wouldn't eat anything but Cheerios, and I turned out okay, so maybe I'm stressing over nothing.) My frustration stems from the fact that I feel like I ought to at least TRY something besides yogurt, but she inevitably rejects it, so I give her yogurt because otherwise I have to listen to her scream because she's hungry. So the dilemma I face is, do I offer the chicken and carrots, knowing she will reject it, and then give her yogurt, thus essentially showing her that if she rejects option A she will get what she wants? Or do I just not even bother with the "real" food and just assume that when her body needs actual nutrients, she will reject the yogurt and then I can try the carrots?

Also, the screaming. Ugh, the screaming. I know it's partly her teeth and partly that she gets frustrated when she wants/needs something that I don't understand/won't give to her. Those I understand. I don't like the screaming and whining, but at least I understand why she's upset. But when she does it because she doesn't have my complete undivided attention, that makes me nuts. You'd think she'd have learned by now that there are times when I will be paying attention to something other than her, but she still seems to get irrationally annoyed when that happens. She doesn't seem to be jealous of the dog, though, so that's a good thing.


I'm also SO. FREAKING. HORMONAL. right now. Like, my fuse is short, and after I reach the end of it I just sit and cry uncontrollably. I know for a fact I am not pregnant, and it's a completely random point in my cycle so the best I can figure is that it's a combination of the lack of sleep and my general lack of patience for things not going the way I want/expect them to go, and possibly an earlier-in-my-cycle-than-normal hormonal surge. The truly bizarre thing is that I'm having these meltdowns because I'm just so frustrated at finding myself constantly saying "no!" to either the kid or the dog. It's frustrating to constantly be ignored by these two creatures who I KNOW understand me, and just choose to ignore me, and then I get mad at myself for losing my temper because it's a one-year-old and a dog and maybe I am giving them both too much credit for understanding me.

Then, of course, they prove they are testing me by deliberately doing something I have repeatedly said not to do (for Lorelai, it's usually touching the wine bottles in the wine cabinet or playing in the dog's water; for Torg, it's usually taking Hippo away from Lorelai or stealing my shoes), and all the while they are staring right at me, waiting for me to tell them no, and then I get mad at myself for being all, "Oh, maybe they don't understand after all and I'm a bad mom for yelling at them!", because THEY TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. And then I cry again.


So. It's been a week. I have opened my final two Crappy Day Presents this week from the lovely Laura Lou (it was cloth diaper stuff and really cute notecards and a cute owl notebook and my favorite kind of pens, and it was just what I needed to perk me up, though I was annoyed at myself for having already opened the package that contained Sour Patch Kids because those are my favorite and it's an eating-my-feelings kind of week). Any week that needs TWO CDPs is A WEEK.

So I'm lucky that it's time for another CDP exchange. This post is already pretty long so there will be another post later wherein I answer some questions that will help my CDP partner put together a package for me, but if you are interested in joining the exchange, go check out the links and sign up! I had fun putting together my own box of CDPs for Tara last time and I really enjoyed opening up my presents from Laura, so I'm looking forward to this exchange as well. You should join, it's a lot of fun!


Sunk Costs said...

1. i wouldn't even bother with things you know she's liable to refuse. offer it once, then wait for the teeth to come in and she's back to eating well. wynne is 18 months old and still eats at least 5 jars of baby food per day. until the ped tells me this is a problem, i'm not letting it eat me up.

2. i've told mike, having a toddler is all about distracing and undoing. the whole day is just trying to divert them from no-no's and clean up the ones you couldn't prevent. it's so wearing. still, i wouldn't trade wynne's personality and ability to communicate for these WOEFUL sleep training days lachlen is going through. there's nothing like a 2 month old to make us appreciate our toddler.

Erin said...

See, I miss the newborn days. And I realize how insane I am for this, but even for all my bitching about how things are going this week, I'm still itching to add another baby into the mix. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

(When the second baby joins us and I'm all "I HAVE TWO TODDLERS AND A NEWBORN OMG I AM SO TIRED" I want you to remind me that I did, in fact, do all this on purpose.)

Sunk Costs said...

by the time the next one is born, lorelai ought to have most of her teeth in and that will really help her demeanor i bet. wynne has basically been teething nonstop since about 11 months, and it seems like each new tooth takes longer to come in and causes more strife.

i definitely could see enjoying the newborn stage much more this time around, except there's also a toddler, so i just can't seem to find any time to catch my breath. i wouldn't trade it, of course, but that doesn't mean i won't complain. SO TIRED & OVER THE CRYING.