Monday, April 23, 2012

Spoiler alert: It wasn't the teeth.

We had a rough weekend over here in Kingsville. Lorelai was running a nasty fever and was so.effing.cranky. all weekend, and not sleeping (at night OR during the day). The insurance nurses' hotline said the fever was probably related to the teeth she has coming in (six at once WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE MY CHILD?) (AND ME?), even though she's never run a fever with teeth before, but because she is cutting so many at once, I thought, "Okay, well, maybe."

They said to only be concerned enough for urgent care if she hit 105 and it wouldn't come down. All night Friday she hovered in the 102 to almost-103 range, and it definitely spiked up again about halfway into the six hours between doses of Motrin, and stayed at that temperature until the next dose. She would only sleep if I was sitting up holding her in the rocking chair -- sitting up in bed, where I could sort of doze myself, wouldn't do. Of course.

Sunday evening the fever finally went away, but I'd noticed a bit of a rash on her arms, hands, and chin. (Other moms probably know where this is going.)

Today, I had to go into the office for a bit. Kevin's mom came to watch her, and when I got home Lorelai had just woken up from a too-short nap, and had a rash ALL OVER her face. Tiny red bumps all over, with a few big pimple-looking bumps on her chin and one cheek. This was not normal teething-drool-rash. The tiny bumps on her arms had swollen to large, bright red pimple-looking bumps, and she had teeny pin-pricks all over her torso, legs, and diaper area, with a few more big red spots scattered around.

I took her to the pediatrician, because this was not normal. The doctor took one look at her and diagnosed Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

Which is not as scary as it sounds (it basically means she had a fever and now has a rash), but there's no treatment except to wait the virus out and it's super contagious to other kids so there go any play dates we were planning this week. She's going to be BORED by Friday, I tell you.

As Kevin said to me when I told him what the doctor said, though: This baby of ours, however volatile her fussy patches may be, there's always a good reason. Here's hoping this stupid virus runs its course quickly, because even though the doctor said those spots aren't bothersome to her, they look painful.


Kammah said...

Poor Lorelai! Poor you! Hope that she is back up to tip top shape soon and that everyone gets some much needed rest even sooner.

Kammah said...

And the six teeth can still go to hell.

Veronica M. D. said...

Oh no! Poor baby! From what I know about HF&M, it sounds like she is over the worst of it, so hopefully she is feeling better soon. Poor little Lorelai!

Diane said...

Ugh! I had the exact same thing happen when Isla was a baby. Only ALL OF US got it. Thankfully it was a very mild case. I hope Lorelai is feeling all better and no one else catches it!

Erin said...

Diane, our ped told me that adults don't get it! That sucks that you ALL got it. Ugh.

theselittlemoments said...

Oh so lovely! Owen recently went through the same thing -- three days of a crazy fever, then a lacy rash on his middle. Turned out to be that other fun thing -- Roseola. Yay, parenthood!