Monday, April 16, 2012

Stuff about me.

I think I posted once before about the Crappy Day Present exchange, right? WEll, it's that time again, and we've all been asked to post some getting-to-know-you questions on our blogs to help the people we are assigned to pick out really awesome stuff for us.

So, here is some stuff about me. If you're participating in the CDP exchange (or just feel like answering!) feel free to post your answers (not that these are questions, but whatever) in the comments!
  1. I am not a huge chocolate person. Once in a while, I get a craving, but I would almost always prefer gummy stuff like Sour Patch Kids or just about anything by Haribo (they are the BEST gummy candy company -- their gummy cola bottles got me through a really rough breakup in college and hold a special place in my heart!)
  2. I think most longtime readers know that I have the worst taste in music. I love the Backstreet Boys, for Pete's sake. Also New Found Glory and Bon Jovi, but those are my "See? I have SOME decent taste" bands. There are a lot of pop musicians I like on the radio now, but generally I only like one or two songs by them. I can't think of the last artist where I actually enjoyed the entire album. I also really like Glee.
  3. I am never bare-toenailed. I think my feet look weird without nail polish. However, 90% of the nail polish I own (and 99% of the nail polish I actually wear) is pink or purpleish-pink. I actually have red on now (about once a summer I go through a Marilyn phase and wear red, and this year Smash influenced it early, but I love pink polishes.
  4. I always love the idea of chunky, trendy jewelry, but somehow I only ever wear dainty little pendants-on-chains and studs or small hoops. I just don't feel confident in picking out "cool" jewelry for myself.
  5. I love to read. A great afternoon in my mind would involve sitting in a coffee shop with my Kindle and a caramel latte, uninterrupted by anyone, for at least an hour. These days I mostly read fluffy chick lit, but my top two all-time favorite books are Jane Eyre and The Great Gatsby. I have never read anything by Jane Austen because I can't ever get past the first chapter. Just not a fan.

So there you have it -- five things about me that might make it a little easier for my CDP person to put together a package that will make me drool.

What makes you drool?


Jessica said...

That sounds like a wonderful afternoon plan. I'd even settle for "uninterrupted by anyone, for at least an hour" without the Starbucks!

Shalini said...

Ooh, I have the worst taste in music AND love glee. This is probably bad news for glee music producers, huh?

Striped socks are what make me drool lately. Perhaps because I've gained weight everywhere but my feet?

James! said...

Erin - I like reading things like this. Isn't it funny that I've known you for a gazillion years and I still like learning tidbits about you?

FYI I'm going to go out on a limb and say Shalini likes Blaine from Glee as much as I do. She put 2 Glee songs on my mix CD and they were both Blaine songs and I <3 them. He's the best.

Sunk Costs said...

I haven't watched the last several episodes, but i got chills when i saw the ads for the episode where santana is singing whitney houston.

bon jovi is a stone cold fox.